Wakatime: Dashboard For Developers

WakaTime is used to make time tracking fully automatic for every programmer. By creating open source plugins for IDEs and text editors, they give powerful insights about how you code, and let you get back to what matters most: creating amazing software.

Now let us see what actually Wakatime can do and how it will help developers.

  • Dashboard

    wakatime dashboard image

    So here, through these graphs you will get to know on which day how much time you have actually done the coding, means literally the actual time. For example, if you leave for a break while leaving your code editor as it is, then that break time will not be taken into account. So therefore, developers will get to know how much time they actually code.

    wakatime dashboard image 1

    You can also know which editor you are using and for how much time, in which language you have been coding and for how much time and also which operating system you had been using for this.

  • Teams

    wakatime teams image

    You can collaborate together with team dashboards. All your team’s metrics in one place. View time spent per commit/pull request, see project stats per team member, download as CSV and more.

  • Share

    wakatime share image

    You can share your time spent at coding by using repo badges, embeddable charts, email reports and your personal programming goals.

  • LeaderBoards

    wakatime leaderboard image

    In Leaders boards you will be having two options, one is public by which you can share your coding activity publicly and get ranked accordingly, second one is private by which you can create your own leaderboard and invite your friends or colleagues to join it.

  • Integrations

    Wakatime integration image

    These are some popular apps which a developer would like to integrate with Wakatime.

  • Supported IDEs

    wakatime supported IDEs

    So these are some IDEs which are supported by Wakatime.

    Thank you for reading this blog:

- Mayuresh Kunder