How to earn money from Coding?

There are many ways in which you can earn by coding. If you’re a programming geek and not making any money online, you are missing out big. If you know the JavaScript, java, python ,JavaScript Framework like react, angualr etc you can make ton of money.

There are ways to make money online with your coding skills. We will share some with you today.

  • Blogging

Well I know Everyone try to blog but if your are into coding you can start writing blogs on what you do in your daily life what, how you code. Also it’s a great way to share your knowledge with other people.

You can also try to monetise your blog by connecting it through ad-sense, earning through affiliate links, charging for premium content etc.

If you are starting a blog you will require a Domain and also you will be requiring a hosting service, This both can be solved by using Bluehost.

Bluehost is a web hosting company which manages your hosting services for your website.
  • Approaching Local people

Instead of directly jumping into fivver or upwork website first try to with local business, ask your friends or family members if they require website whether they have a business try to put it online,

Look around your area if you see some store with low quality website approach them and show them that you can make better design.

  • App Development

Well, yes Apps can generate Huge amount of revenue . For people not into coding can still make apps using Thunkable, Makedriod etc...

But If one familiar with Java Programming you can easily make Andriod apps using Android Studio.

After creating You can includes adds from Google AdMob Account which can monetise the app. If your app solve someone issue then it will definitely receive a lot of download. Ex the game Flappy Bird which is so simple to implement generated about $50,000 in one single day..

  • Freelancing

Freelancing comes with a alot of benefits. The best thing about freelance work is that you can create your own work schedule and you have the freedom of working from anywhere. On top of that, you can grow your experience as a developer in the freelancing platforms. Once you’ve built up some reputation you should be able to make a decent amount of money.

You can visit some of freelancing platforms Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr. On these sites, you have the opportunity to bid for different projects or place your details so that clients can contact you.

  • Teaching

Yes, by teaching you can earn too.. One can try to give part time tution to their friends or juniors and teach them your coding skillls by charging them for per hour.

This way you can turn your knowledge in a winning combination by offering your services through one-on-one online coaching sessions. Also it increases your knowlege as well. One can Also try the Group Teaching To earn more.

  • Create A Plugin Or Theme For WordPress

You heard it right.!! Do you Know 25% of all websites out there on the internet use WordPress. If you create useful WordPress plugins and themes it will generate a lot of revenue. There is a high demand for great WordPress plugins that could improve a website.

  • Create and Post Content on YouTube

YouTube is still the best platform to grow. You can create tutorial videos and post it or also Solving any problems which took you hours to solve this video may be helpful to someone and can bring you more views.

Only problem is growing on Website you have to be consistent with your post and post on regular bases and good content so that the YouTube Algorithm can do its job.

All the best to all Coders who are trying to make money online. Remember Consistency is the Key.!

Thanks For Reading.!!