How to Host a website on Netlify for FREE :- Step by Step Guide

Netlify is a San Francisco-based cloud computing company that offers hosting and serverless backend services for web applications and static websites.

Netlify builds, deploys and hosts your front-end. One should have a github, gitlab or bitbucket account where in your project is uploaded to your repository.

Lets Gets Started.

  • Create a Netlify account


Select any one method to Sign up, its better to select which remote source control you use. Ex Github than sign up with github as it will be easier for one to add projects and deploy in further.

  • Adding New Site


After Signup you will see your dashboard which will be like this. Select “New site from Git.” Select GitHub or any other where you have pushed the code as your provider and choose the repository that you want to host.

  • Configure the Settings

You can configure your options. Make sure your publish directory is where your public site files are placed after building the site (e.g. dist) and your build command is whatever you run to build the site (e.g. npm run build). Then click the Deploy site button to continue. You can add addtinal variable by clicking on Advanced option.

  • Deploy your site


After you click on deploy site in previous step it will take few time to deploy the site after deploy your site will be live if it builds successfully. You will see the above dashboard.

  • Changing the Site name

After the build is complete, netify gives is own random name to your sites, its preferred to change as per your website name. You can visit to Site Details section and change the site name as per.

  • Add Custom Domain


After your site is hosted lives if you want to add your own custom name with you brought from somewhere you can add it Domain Setting Section and configure the DNS records by updating the nameservers in the brought domain site to the nameservers given by the netlify.

  • Site live with custom domain


Congrats..!! Your site is live and Working as charm. Your site is hosted for free without any cost.

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